Walk in Extension







Flier – Start about a step away from the base. Begin by stepping with your left foot and place your right foot into the base’s hands. Your upper body position is important!  Your hands need to be placed on the base’s shoulders. Your upper body should be close enough and over him enough where you can see his butt. As the lift begins, be sure to push straight DOWN through the bas and his legs (do not push forward and/or back!). After you push, then stand up right away and stand up (TIP: Think PUSH, then STEP.  This means that you should push off of the bases shoulders first, and then step up right away.  This way you have momentum going into your stunt, and it will make you feel lighter).  Make sure you lift your head up.   As you ride up the stunt, right before you hit the top, you need to initiate you head to your right shoulder and think about turning 45 degrees. You base will turn you the other 45 degrees.  As you come around, you need to spot to the front (TIP: By spotting you are looking/squaring to the front of your stunt, and squeezing your body so that you rotation ENDS).  Again…keep you body tight, keep your legs locked, keep your chest up, do not look down, stay on the balls of your feet, smile and keep your hands to your sides.   To finish, hit a HI V.


Base - Bend down with your legs spread at shoulder width.  Place your elbows on your thighs and have your hands extended (right over left) in front of you.  As the flier comes in, make sure you reach for her foot (do not drop your hands) and bring it to comfortable position.  As flier dips for the WI make sure you keep your elbows bent and your biceps flexed. By giving her a little pop off of your thighs, use your legs to get your lift off of the ground.  Keep lifting with BOTH hands until you have lifted almost to extension. At this point the flier should have initiated the turn, and you just follow and complete the turn.  By completing the turn you need to remember to let go with you left hand and grab the flier’s left foot with a standard grip at extension.  Squeeze and control the flier.