Walk in Cupie











Flier – Just as you did for the WI extension, ride up to the top and remember this time to keep your feet together.  Squeezing and keeping your chest up is vital to the success of this stunt.  Initiate the turn with you head by aiming to turn yourself 45 degrees (Base will turn you the next 45 degrees).  Spot to corner in the front on your way around to stop your turn.  Squeeze your entire body for stability.  To hit your cupie, remember to click you feet and ANKLES together.  This way your feet DO NOT fall over the sides of the bases hands. Then pull your HI V for the finish!


Base - The only adjustment to a Walk IN cupie from a Walk IN Extension is the starting Grip and Finish. The Walk in itself should be exactly the same.   To start…you need to open your right hand up.  When the flier steps in, this is when you adjust for the cupie grip.  Make sure you pinky is on the middle/outside of the right foot.  This walk IN should be the same as any walk IN.  As you begin to turn, the flier’s left foot will come together.  This is when you want to grab both into your right hand.  Release with your left hand and place on your left hip.  Completed the turn for 45 degrees, squeeze your stunt, and finish the cupie.