Toss scale








Flier - wait for the flick at the very top of the toss and keep your feet together. Try to balance your weight on the inside of your right foot.  Now stay tight as your base turns to the side.  Once you are facing 45° to your right. Then you want pull your scale.  Grabbing your left shin with your left hand from behind does this.  Then you want to pull up you left leg and hit a half of a Hi-V with your right arm. This will give you a symmetric V effect.


Base - Approach a Toss Scale just like you would any other toss stunt. Keep in mind that one should not cut the toss short. Follow all the way through to the top. Make sure you spot for the flier’s right foot. It is important that you spot the foot in order to find the correct grip position. Your arms should be completely extended at this time. Grab the foot and squeeze, shrugging all the way through to the top. Now turn 45° to your right. Squeeze hard for the finish as the flier pulls her scale.

TIP: stabilize this and other stunts by squeezing through your hands, not adjusting through your shoulders.  This will make the flier more comfortable and the stunt look stabilized.