Toss Cupie










Flier Fliers, just as you did for the Toss Extension, wait for the flick at the very top of the toss. Once you have flicked, bring your feet and ankles together. Remember to keep your chest up and hit your HI V for the finish. 

Note: If you think of squeezing your feet, you may have a problem with you ankles coming apart which will make the stunt drop.  That is why you concentrate more on bringing your ankles together.


Base - Approach a Toss Cupie just like you would any other toss stunt. Keep in mind that one should not cut the toss short. Follow all the way through to the top.  Once the Flier has pulled her feet together position, spot her feet. It is important that you spot her feet in order to find the correct grip position. Your arms should be completely extended at this time. Grab both feet with your right hand and place your left hand on your hip. Remember to squeeze, shrugging all the way through to the top.