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Flier –Stand to the right side of the base. Place your left hand on the base’s Left shoulder and keep your right arm in a dagger position.  ON count, dip and jump while keeping your hips/abs tight. Hit a motion!  For the roll down,…on count bring your right arm down and grab your left wrist.  At the same time, keep your abs/hips tight and initiate the roll down. AS you finish you need to make sure your right elbow finishes up and your hips/abs remain tight.  You need to make sure that your belly finishes towards the crowd (DO NOT loose your body position and sink your hips to the ground).


Base –Bend down slightly to the left of the flier.  Your right hand goes on the flier’s left hip and your left hand needs to be face up under flier’s breast.  Keep both knees off of the ground.  On count lift flier straight over your head. For the roll down, on count you should follow the flier. Make sure your left hand lets go and makes a dagger motion, while the right arm rolls and wraps around the fliers right leg.  (TIP: the flier will be holding herself by your dagger arm (left) just in case you were wondering.).  For the dismount, bump your flier gently with you knee to her butt and finish.