Flier – As the base extends, begin to shift your weight and right foot to the center of the stunt. Make sure you are hollowing out your body, squeezing your abs, keeping your legs together, and keeping your head up. At the top, hit your scale by bending your left leg up to your left arm. Grab the front side of your ankle (under your shin), and straighten both your arm and leg. Your leg should end up pointing at a 45°angle. At the same time make a right fist and have it pointing in the other direction at a 45° angle for the finish.

Base - Squeeze her foot and on count, extend the stunt in a triangular like fashion.  Right before you hit the top, let go of flier's left foot with your left hand and grab under the ball of the flier’s right foot as you place it in the middle above you nose.  Do not relax your shoulders and always squeeze.