Rewind: - the act of the Flier rotating 360o, feet over head, in a tucked position during the Toss. 
Okay, now lets get a few key ideas set in our mind on how to approach the stunt. These are very important and should be kept in mind the entire time. They are as follows:
Set. Fliers, you must set high in your tuck or you will never get all the way around. 
Drive. Bases, you must drive with the heel of your hand and push with your thumb to help initiate the rotation. 
Attention. Bases, take everything you have ever learned and know about a Toss and throw it out the door. The technique for a rewind is completely different and contrary to the normal Toss.
This stunt will begin from the Toss. Warning, this stunt is very difficult to spot. It is highly suggested that you use two or more spots.
Base - Instead of grabbing the Flier at the waist and holding your elbows out, place the heel of your hand just above the hips and pull your elbows into your side. This is more of a push technique than a Toss.
Flier - You do not grab the Bases' wrist for this stunt. Since you will be performing a tuck, you need to have your arms in a low V position in order to set better and complete the rotation.
Base - Once you say the count, follow the Flier's jump and then drive upward pushing through the heel of your hand and finishing with a small flick of your thumbs.
Flier - Jump just as you would for a standing back except ride the set higher. If you set too low you'll never get around in time. Ride the push all the way to the top and then set. Stay tight and don't open up too soon. Wait just a fraction of a second longer then stand tall.
Base - After the flick, spot the feet coming around and wait till the Flier has begun to stand before grabbing the feet. 
Bases, you will have a tendency to absorb too much when grabbing the feet. Don't be afraid of the tuck. Be aggressive and reach for those feet. Flier's, your biggest two problems will be either setting to low or opening up to soon. Wait for both of them. Remember, grab some extra spots for this stunt. All inversion stunts should be taken with plenty of precautions.