Purdue up









Flier –Stand in front of the base  with your hands to your side and your palms up.  Grab a thumb-to-thumb grip with your base. On count dip and lift your hips up after you jump off of the ground.  Your back should look like a tabletop and the motion should represent the action of “pulling your pants off”. As you resist through your shoulders/arms and reach the top,…then try to place both feet on the bases shoulders. One hand at a time, let go and stand up.


Base –Stand behind the flier, bend down just a little and grab a thumb-to-thumb grip (your palms down)  with the flier.   On count dip and get under the fliers hips (at this point your hand placement switched, …your palms are up now), and press her up over your head.  Keep resistance through your arms and help her place her feet.  Once stable, let go one hand at a time and place hand behind flyers calves and pull straight down.  DO NOT pull forward.