Hi Torch







Flier – From hands wait for the base’s dip.  Ride up until right before you hit the top of the base’s extension. Right before the top, you want to initiate the turn by lifting your left hip up, turning to the side, hit a Hi V, and keep your upper body facing forward.

TIP: make sure your keep your weight on the inside of your right foot.

TIP: make sure you keep your hip up and DO NOT relax it.

At this point your right foot is facing to the side while your upper body is facing forward.


Base - From hands, make sure you adjust your right hand down to the middle of the flier’s foot in a hamburger grip.  Squeeze her foot and on count, extend the stunt in a triangular like fashion.  Right before you hit the top, let go of flier's left foot and turn the flier’s right foot to the side while placing it in the middle.  Your left hand needs to turn inward and grab the fliers heel (or grab on top of your right hand) to support the right foot. (Always squeeze flier's feet while stunting).  Do not relax your shoulders and always squeeze. 

TIP: IF flier is going forward – to adjust make sure you push through your thumbs. A flier will have a tendency to fall forward. 

TIP: make sure the flier stands as slightly on the balls of her feet.  She should not be standing on her heels or her toes.