Fullup Cupie







Think Right. Full-up hands should turn to the right direction. 
Base - Approach your Flier as you would for a normal Toss. You should initiate the twist about half way up the Toss. The Flier should already be twisting before the release. At the Flick, push your left thumb forward and pull your right index finger backward to help finish the twist. Leave your right hand open, palm up and your fingers facing forward.
Flier - During the Toss, help initiate the Full by looking over your right shoulder. At the Flick, push your right hand in front of you and push your left hand behind you while looking to the right.
Base - Once you have released, and the Flier is facing backwards in the Full, begin to reach for the Flier's right foot. Remember, since the Flier is backwards you will have to grab a backwards grip. Your left hand should be placed on your left hip and your right hand should be pointing forward and reaching for both feet in a backwards cupie grip. After you have grabbed the feet, continue to let your hand rotate with the foot until the Flier is facing forward. 
Flier - Keep your feet together, in a Cupie position, until you have rotated all the way around. Once you are facing forward and the twisting motion has stopped, and then hit your Hi V for the finish. It is important that the Flier stays in the tube during the Full. Bases donít jerk the Toss to much as it might push them out of the tube. Also, Bases, you have to spot that foot before the Flier has completed the 360o twist.