Flick - (high toss)




Flier –start on your toes and lean slightly back into the guy.  On his count dip and jump (stay on your toes and do not go flat footed).  When base has fully extended his arms, then you want to release, not a bit sooner!  Keep your hands/arms to your side.  As you come down, regrab the base by his wrists.  Begin to tuck your chin and look for the ground by keeping your chest up (DO NOT drop your chest or you will fall forward).  Lean back just a little and land on the balls of your feet while absorbing the pop down with your legs.

NOTE: shorter guys will release much sooner that shorter guys. 

NOTE: flier do not try too hard or you will worm your way up

NOTE: flier’s release (flick) needs to be strong through her shoulders.  DO not use your chest.

NOTE: flier needs to jump hard. DO NOT dip down all of the way.  You will use too much energy


Base - stand behind the flier with feet just slightly beyond shoulder width apart.  Lightly grasp the flier by the waist (NO DEATH GRIPS).  On count follow the flier while she jumps (this way you both have good timing).  Do not push your flier into the ground.  Right before the flier leaves the ground, base grab a little firmer and toss (finish your F L I C K!). Your arms should be extended after the toss.  As the flier begins to fall, jump for her waist and slow her down for a soft landing.

NOTE: If your arms are always bent after you throw then you are cutting your height. 

NOTE: Bases need to jump with their flier as you flick.  This way you use your legs to get a higher toss.

NOTE: Every time you throw hands, you should do a toss extension and bring flier back to hands.  If you continue to do this, your toss will get higher.

NOTE: Weight train by doing fast motions on the way up, then control weight on your way down, (IE Upright rows and cleans are very good exercises)