Double Cupie



This stunt is a variation of the normal cupie. It is simply the combination of a right and left Cupie performed simultaneously.
Because of the unique nature of this stunt and the use of two Fliers on one Base, the load in will be different. It will utilize a double walk-in technique. The two Fliers should face each other on either side of the Main Base. Two other Bases, who will Toss the Fliers, should stand behind them.
Main Base - Squat down and take one foot of each Flier. Grab the Left Flier's right foot and grab the right Flier's left foot.
Side Bases - Approach your respective Flier and grab their waist just as you would for a normal Toss. 
Fliers - Just as you read above, place the closest foot to the main Base into their hand and then grab the wrist of the Base behind you.
Main Base - Once you say the count, give a strong bounce and drive all the way to the top, turning your hands slightly so that the Fliers are facing forward.
Side Bases - Listen to the count and Toss the Flier's up. On the release you should give and place the Fliers slightly above the main Base and help the twist motion (as they are turning 45o) with a small Flick of your hand.
Fliers - On the Toss, Flick hard, step up, and turn your head slightly in the direction that the stunt is facing. Once you have hit the top, wrap your inside arm around the other Flier.
Everyone - The main Base does not have to cradle. The Flier's will cradle to the outside Bases who Tossed them up. The Main Base will give the call, pop the Flier's and step out of the way. The right Flier will cradle Left to their Base and the left Flier will cradle right to their Base.
The Tosses have to be timed just right. If one Flier reaches the top before the other Flier, then the stunt will be lopsided and it will fall. The Side Bases should watch each other and synchronize their Tosses to the Main Base's call. Fliers, once you are at the top, don't wrap too tightly. If you pull yourselves to close then the Main Base will not be able to support you. Wrap just enough to gain balance. Main Base, don't even attempt this stunt if you can't perform both a left and a right Cupie by themselves. This is a power stunt and requires just as much strength as it does technique.