Flier –From hands, on count ride the extension until right before you hit the top.  Right before you hit the top, you need to pull your ankles together, pull your toes slightly up, and squeeze at your ankles.  DO Not think of just pulling your feet together, because this will make your feet hang off the edge of the guy’s hand if the squeeze is not strong enough. Remember to pull your HI V up to balance through your shoulders. 


Base – From hands adjust your grip so that you right pinky in on the outside middle of the right foot of the flier.  Your pinky should be located where the shoe caves in.  on count dip with your legs and lift with your shoulders.  Your motion should go in a triangular like motion, as you are pulling for a stunt to the middle and above your nose.  For a cupie you want to step forward just a bit to assist w/ balance. Right before you hit the top, use your left hand to pop the cupie quick into position and place in on your side hip in a fist.  Your right hand should be squeezing the cupie above your nose, making sure that you do not relax through your shoulders.  Also squeeze through thumb and pinky to balance, and NEVER bend your arm to balance. Finish by placing your left hand on your left hip.