1 arm Stretch






Flier - from hands; remain tight.  On count wait until right before base hits full extension. Right before the top, bring your body positions to the center, your right foot to the middle (you should practice by standing over a line and pull towards that line with your right foot eventually landing on the line), and pull your stretch by lifting your left leg to your left arm. (TIP: A proper stretch position is in relation to you pulling your Hi V to your thigh.  If you pull your stretch too much to the front OR to the side, then you will have problems!). Pull your right arm in a half Hi-V for the finish.


Base - From hands, you will need to adjust your hand a little different than a regular liberty.  To find the right position you want to slide your right hand down to the middle of the right foot.  This way your hand can handle weight evenly.  Squeeze her foot and on count, extend the stunt in a triangular like fashion.  Right before you hit the top, let go of flier's left foot and bring flier’s right foot to the middle (Always squeeze flier's feet while stunting).  Place your left hand on your hip!  Remember do not relax your shoulders and always squeeze