The Throw







Base(s) – Both start by grabbing your left wrist with your right hand. Now grab the other base’s wrist with your left hand.  You should have a square form for your basket.  Now dip straight down with your legs (shoulder width apart).  Keep your back straight and your arms loose.  Your arms should feel like rubber bands…NOT STIFF! As the flier jumps in, the secret is to meet her feet with your basket by shrugging up with your shoulder. DO NOT wait until the flier’s feet get to you.  This will help with your timing.  After meeting her feet, bring them down to your original position and start bending down with your legs. You do not have to bend down that far, and do not use your back.  Now throw the flier straight up.  Make sure you jump off of the ground and you leaver your arms straight up for the catch.


Back spot – Start with your hands on the flier’s waist.  As she jumps into the basket, you can help her out a little OR a lot depending on the flier’s preference.  As the flier gets in to the basket you can leave your hands on her waist and flick he for beginners, OR you can get under the basket and throw for a higher result.  Placing both hands together pinky-to-pinky does this.  Bend down with your right leg in front and push straight threw the basket.  Your arms shoulder finish and remain slightly in front of you.  If your arms are above your head, then your arm throwing the flier back. Now keep your arms up in fists to prepare for the catch.


Front spot – Start in the front of the basket with a pinky to pinky grip.  Bend down with your right foot in front of the other and make sure you are under the basket with your hands.  You hands should cove the entire bottom of the basket with your thumbs on the outside.  This is better than the right over left grip, because you can control the basket (timing issues).  As the bases throw just follow them until they start to come up from the bottom. This is when your want to go with the throw and break threw the bases’ hands at the top of the throw.  Make sure you finish with your arms slightly in front of you so that you know that you threw straight up just like the bask spot. Now run off to the side and/or front to finish