The Catch






Flier –As you come down from the throw make sure you open both arms out to the side and bend your arms in a catching position. As you come into the basket make sure you pike.  This will make you easier and lighter to catch for the bases.  Also grab and squeeze your bases as they catch you.  In other words catch yourself.  I know that it may cause some bruising on your arms, but by doing this you will be taking a lot more weight off of the bases and insuring your safety.


Base(s) – Start with your arms up ready to catch the flier.  As she comes within range make sure you jump high and try to slow here down into your basket.  You must think that you are the only base catching here and bring her close to your body.  DO NOT jump away and be afraid of the catch.  You can injure yourself as well as the flier.  As she comes into both of your arms, make sure you slow her down by also absorbing the catch with your legs.  A sudden catch can rattle a flier and make basketing difficult. Make sure your arms are wide enough for the catch. Now squeeze the flier into for the finish and set her out. DO NOT throw her out (twisted ankles!).


Back spot – Start with your arms straight up in fists.  If you have your thumbs out then they could get dislocated so keep them in fist.  Remember you are the safety part of the basket.  You always have to be there for the catch.  You have the head and neck to focus on.  As the flier comes down, jump high and slightly punch underneath the flier’s armpits so that she is resting on the joint of your arm.  Do not punch too hard or you may hit the flier in the face. Squeeze her into your body and remember to keep your head back so that it does not get bumped.