Flier – Very similar to the Toe Touch, but will give you a little variety.  Ride up with your arms up and slightly in front, your abs squeezed tight, and your buttocks squeezed. When you begin to feel yourself coming down is when you want to hit your Russian.  It is at the very top.  Now bring your legs straight up without bending them, pointing your toes, rotating your hip flexers, and dropping your chest into the stunt as your arms hit an upside down touchdown motion as seen on the left.  The reason why you drop your chest is so that your leg momentum does not flip you over.  Remember to also hit your motion in front on kick your legs behind for a higher Russian.  On the way down squeeze your legs together, pull your arms to your side, pull up with your belling button, tuck your chin, and squeeze in a slightly arched position.  As you meet with the bases’ hands, pike and catch for the cradle.