Double full








Flier Ride up with your arms straight up, your abs squeezed tight, and your buttocks squeezed.  The key to the double full is to start of with a good ride.  This lift will enable you to have enough time to execute the double full.  Right after you get a good lift off of the basket is when your want to pull arms to your left and or right side depending on which way your want to spin, tucking your chin, lift your hips, and pull your toes to the ceiling.  Do not throw your head back or it will slow down your rotation speed.  As you complete your first full you should be able to see your basket below you.  Your feet are still slightly above you at about 45° to the back. Keep your form and body position for the second turn.  If you have to think is, “twist”  “twist”, in your head then do that.  Try to give a last pull with your body to think about continuing the double full.  The second full is actually the easier of the two.  You already have momentum and all you have to do is log roll and squeeze your way to the end.  Right before you finish your double full and begin to see the front of the basket, open up out of your double full and square your self to the front by pulling up with your chest.  Squeeze your abs and buttocks to maintain your body position.